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What's Going on in AfterSchool

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Located in the historic district of Fair Park South Dallas resides St. Anthony Community Center (STACC), a small gem making a giant impact in the lives of children and adults alike.


We aspire to provide resources in this marginalized community and build lasting and impactful relationships through our programming. With your help, we will be able to reach more and change the experience of one person at a time. Our goal is to educate, encourage, assist, uplift, inform, inspire and transform lives for the better.


STACC exists with the generous support of our partners, community business donations, grants and individual supporters. We invite you to ‘Be a Part of Something Great’. Give now.






Homework Time

Smiles EmojisEvery day, regardless, it's homework time. Sometimes fun, sometimes not as fun but we ALWAYS have time for spelling. This is something the kids have really grown to take pride in. Listen to one of our 1st graders share his skills.

What exactly are emotions?

Well, Webster says: a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Emotions can place a huge role in how we learn, how we react to something, and even how we receive love and feel accepted.
Here are a few emotions we spoke of in afterschool
  • Sad 
  • Frustrated
  • Happy
  • Angry (accompanied with a stomp)
  • Excited

As we spoke of each emotion, the kids really grasped and understood how important it was to express their feelings and to be heard when they were vulnerable with them. One child even responded, “I think you’re making me feel better.” #success
The social emotional part of school is just as important as the learning of academics. Take the time daily to listen and hear what you child thinks about and learn how they feel. It will prove to be an incredible asset.
It is important to encourage
kids’ creativity. We love to play and stimulate our imagination, which helps with math and predictability. We also love to do some sort of physical activity, like jump rope or simple jumping jacks.

Watching our children develop, grow, and be curious is a delight and something not taken for granted.