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*Catch Those Thoughts:  When you objectively observe your own thinking with the view of capturing rogue thoughts, you in effect direct your attention to stop the negative impact and rewire healthy new circuits into your brain.
*Through our thoughts, we can be our own brain surgeons as we make choices that change the circuits in our brain.
*Truth is given to set people free, not to find fault.
*What you think about most will grow.
*What your mind creates only your mind can take away.
*Who we are is where happiness lies (and peace, joy and love), but it is so often blocked by who we have allowed ourselves to become. Change your thoughts, change your life.
*The decisions you make today become part of the thought networks in your brain.
*"Genes may create an environment within us in which a problem may grow, a predisposition, but they do not produce the problem; we produce it through our choices. Our choices act as the signals that unzip the DNA." Dr. Caroline Leaf, 'Switch on Your Brain'
*When you are faced with a problem that involves a misunderstanding with another person, you must first start with yourself.
*If you realized how powerful your  thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. (Peace Pilgrim) 
A great book to read is: Power of the Subconscious Mind.  (Click the link to listen to it on Youtube)

*Your brain is only 2% of your body weight but it uses 20% of your nutrients.

Eat right ~ it's good for your head.