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Inclusion Matter !

Welcome! My name is Ms. Clark, and I am this year's special education inclusion teacher.
I have been in education for 2 years and have been working with special populations for about 6 years. This is my first year at St. Anthony, and I am super excited about supporting you all.
My focus this year is to collaborate with our general education teacher and support each of our students in and out of class, making sure that each student's needs are being met. Whether it's scaffolding activities or differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all students. Making sure that appropriate accommodations to the curriculum, lessons, and learning environment are given Around campus, you can either find me in the general education classrooms providing support or in the resource lab pulling students for small groups.
I am a strong believer that EVERY student CAN learn, and the best reinforcement can be a smile. I am full of life and enthusiasm. I enjoy celebrating accomplishments with 15-second dance parties! My door is always open, and my mind is always creating new activities! Let's spread our wings and show our eagle pride; the sky is the limit! 
Shankia Clark
Special Education Inclusion Instructor
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