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Special Education Department

The Special Education Department at St. Anthony Academy, in collaboration with parents, is committed to addressing the needs of all students, by adhering to federal regulations, state law, and local operating guidelines. We are dedicated in providing individualized educational experiences to all scholars who qualify for special education services. 
Our services includes:
  • Inclusion Support
  • Interventions
  • Supplemental Aids
  • Accommodations



Welcome to my page!!!! It has been a great pleasure of servicing students in Special Education and Section 504. I am entering my 4th year and look forward to contuining to grow your scholar academically, behaviorally, and socially. 
If you have any questions or would like to be advised on steps to take to have your student evaluated for accommodations. Please contact me 

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Ivory Shears
Special Education & 504 Director Coordinator
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Child Find is a federally established comprehensive system designed to assure that each child, regardless of disability, is educated toward his or her maximum potential.  The purpose of Child Find is to locate, identify, and evaluate infants, children, and young adults through age 21 who may have a developmental delay or other disabilities.
Who can begin the Child Find Process?
Anyone can start the process: a parent/guardian, doctor, teacher, relative or friend can call their local school district Child Find. If you are concernced about a child's learning, contact your local school campus, distric, or charter school
Whom do I contact?
If you are concerned about a student's learning, contact your local school campus, districk, or charter school. If you need assistance olocating your local educaiton agency, contact your regional Education Service Center (ESC) or the Child Find, Evaluation and ARD supports.
How does the Child Find process work?
  • Request for evaluation is submitted
  • Prior Written notice, Procedural of stafeguards, and Consent is sent to parent
  • Once returned evaluation is conducted and completed within 45 scheduled school days
  • Determination meeting is scheduled within 30 calendar school days
  • Eligibility is determined by ARD Committee and IEP is developed 
DAS provides our students with related services in the areas of