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Grading Policy
Grading System
Throughout each six weeks, students will be assessed to determine how much and how well they have mastered the
materials taught. The results of such assessments will be reflected on the JR3/Web smart online grading system, 3rd
week progress reports and report cards (every six weeks). Grades reflected online, on progress reports and report cards
indicate your child’s academic achievement and are not lowered because of disciplinary reasons except for late
assignments or academic dishonesty.

Grading Scale

(2nd – 8th grade) K - 1st
A 90-100% M Mastery (100-90)
B 80-89% S Satisfactory (89-80)
C 70-79% P Progressing (79-70)
F Failing 69% and below NP Not Progressing (Below 70)
I Incomplete

Grades are weighted depending on assignment type:
Classwork 50%
Test/Projects 40%
Homework 10%