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Ms. Cojoe's 3rd Grade Class

Hello to all students and parents, I am Ms. Cojoe. I am honored to teach third grade at St. Anthony School in Dallas, Texas. The 2023-2024 school year will make year three for me in teaching!
In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, eating pistachios, going out with friends, traveling, and going to concerts. 
School Email: [email protected]
(Please use this email to reach out to me about anything!)

The grading system is based on the following weighting criteria.

- Classwork 50%

- Test/Quiz 40%

- Homework 10%


ELA Objective

English Language Arts is the study of skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will develop comprehension and communication skills. Students will develop reading strategies that they will be required to apply during independent and classroom reading. Students will use the writing process to communicate effectively and efficiently. This course will foster students’ ability to read critically, write effectively, and communicate efficiently, providing the foundation for career opportunities.


Math Objective

Math will extend students’ knowledge and understanding of the rational number system and its properties. Emphasis is placed on making connections in math to real-world problems and geometry.


Social Studies Objective

This class is an exploration into the birth and development of America with a special focus on the geography, economy, government, military, foreign affairs, and the people who helped to shape the new nation. Students will comprehend the economic and social factors that contribute to American Industrialization. Students will be asked to study the major concepts of Democracy.


Science Objective

In this course, students will explore a few strands of science required by the State of Texas. Students will learn topics in physical science, earth science, and life science by engaging in activities, research, and projects. Students in this class will have a greater understanding of the concepts, skills, and procedures required to be successful in future science classes.


I look fook forward to helping insure success in your babies through implementation and knowledge!