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Ms. Roberts 3rd Grade Class

The following syllabus contains important information about 3rd Grade for the 
2023 – 2024 school years. Please read through this information to familiarize you with the procedures and standards.
Listed below are our 2023 – 2024 third grade teachers.
Ms. Roberts – [email protected]
Ms. CoJoe – [email protected]
The grading system is based on the following weighting criteria.
- Classwork ____________________________________ 50%
- Test/Quiz _____________________________________ 40%
- Homework ____________________________________ 10%
The homework schedule is as follows:
Mon - Thurs
- Homework must be written in Student Planners daily – it is the student’s responsibility to 
record and know their homework.
- Homework is to be completed carefully and neatly. 
- All missing homework, missing classwork or failing work, requires an ASIP (Academic Success Intervention Plan) form sent home for the parent’s signature.
Absentee/ Late Work
It is the student’s responsibility to complete the required absentee work as stated below. Extreme situations of illness or family business will be dealt with individually. 
Essential Agreements
1. Show respect for self and others
2. Respect the property the school and others
3. Follow all instructions and directions the first time they are given
4. Come to school prepared to work, learn, collaborate, think and reflect
CHOICES (Discipline)
1st – Consultation with the student
2nd – Notice to parent by telephone or email 
3rd – Office Referral
1st Offenses that require immediate Office Referrals are bullying, profanity, arguments, stealing, fighting, facility graffiti, etc.
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Ajanae Roberts
3rd Grade Instructor
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Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Roberts, and I am excited to be a 3rd grade teacher here at St. Anthony Academy. My mission is to be an influence to the younger generation of today's society. I want to be able to inspire and educate, all while making learning FUN!