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Why play chess?

The game of chess is an ancient and noble sport that provides an effective platform by which students can develop strategic and competitive reasoning skills through the art of game play. Studies have confirmed these skills have a direct correlation to academic and professional growth, in addition to fostering maturity in critical thinking. And if that's not enough... membership in a chess club looks great on an academic resume and there are even chess scholarships available! 

CHESS Club Fundraiser 2023
Make Your Move! Donate Today!
Gold Level - $40
Hardened Steel 8-inch Crescent Wrench,
Bent-by-hand into a pen holder in silver/chrome color.
Silver Level - only $25* each
(request custom color for additional +$10)
Hardened Steel Horseshoe,
Bent-by-hand into the shape of a heart in various colors.
*"The Horseshoe Challenge":  $100 Prize to the 1st person who can straighten out one of Mr. Price's bent horseshoes in his presence by using only their bare hands.
Bronze Level - only $10 each
Hardened Steel Wrench,
Bent-by-hand into a pen holder in silver/chrome color.
Thank you so much! 100% of your donations/proceeds will be used to help support our St. Anthony Middle School CHESS Club.
The horseshoes were generously donated by Pasturas Los Alazanes Animal Feed Store.
To view my standing Record Setter World Records on YouTube click links below:
Sincerely at your service,
Mr. Price
Social Studies Teacher & Chess Coach
St. Anthony Middle School