Ms. Brittany Russell




Lights, Camera, Action


Central Idea

School systems affect the structure within communities and our worldwide society.


Lines of Inquiry:
1.) The effects on society without school systems (or different school systems)
2.) The organization of the school system in our country
3.) Comparing school systems around the world (their organization, requirements and benefits/drawbacks)

Transdisciplinary Theme:

How We Express Ourselves


Teacher Questions/Provocations:

  • How important is a school system to a community? To you? To our country?
  • What do you think it would be like if we did not have our school system?
  • How do you think we can improve our school system?
  • How is our school system different from others around the world?


Attributes for the Month:

Open-Minded and Communicator 
Open the file titled "Meet the teacher" to reference information presented during orientation night! 
::Upcoming Dates::
  • May  - 10-11 STAAR Test dates
  • May 20- Unit 6 Project Due
  • May 23- Parent Preview Night
  • May 31- Last Day of School


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