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Ms. Mitchell 5B

art of expression
Title: The Art of Expression
Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Discovering creative ways to express oneself leads to an appreciation of the world around us

Key Concepts:  form, change, perspective

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Various forms of expression  are used around the world
  • Reflect on the way people from different cultures express themselves
  • Celebrate the different cultural beliefs and values
Teacher Questions:
walt whitman

Important Dates:
November 20:  Awards Ceremony @ 8:15 AM
November 22:  Early dismissal @ NOON
November 25 - November 29 : Thanksgiving Break 
December 2: Students return to school
December 3: Tutoring starts for 4-5th grade for designated students
December 12: S.T.E.M. Night
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